My name is Michael.  If you post a comment, please introduce yourself.

I love to read.  Books, magazines, blogs, backs of cereal boxes (really!) and just about any thing in print.  Thank you, Jamie, for being my inspiration when it comes to reading. 

In Octber, 1969 I started writing poetry.  It was not good poetry, and none of it exists today.  The title of my favorite piece was, “When I Could Not Go”  If you have a copy of it, or read it, please let me know.

I didn’t write again until 2009 while laid off from work .  I took some of that “free” time and started writing.  Mostly I wrote news articles for online publication.  After a sibling asked me if I had ever written or considered writing fiction I started considering it.  Since then I’ve written short short stories, flash fiction (750 words or less) and started three novels.

I’m not here to teach you how to write.  I’m going to try to entertain you with some glimpses into my life (now you understand the “…stranger than fiction” part of the Fact… category) and fiction in the form of short stories and maybe even scenes from the great American novel.

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